By Louis D. Thorpe, September 11, 2022

Truth about lies

Today, as Queen Elizabeth's coffin is being driven to Edingburgh Scotland, the world is remembering what we have all forgotten. A life filled with honor and duty to country ought to be remembered and acknowledged, but we have lost even that simple sense of obligation because we have become too confused and too ignorant to be able to appreciate and understand our own history.

America had its King and we killed him because we could not handle his wisdom, his intelligence, his charm, his wit and his loyalty to duty.

In every way possible, the very same people who are responsible for killing him are currently responsible for everything that is wrong in the world today.

It is therefore very odd that we all pause to remember Queen Elizabeth for a dutiful life well lived, but we have absolutely no understand of the potential we destroyed when we killed John F. Kennedy.

In every way, MAGA has turned Donald Trump into a caricature, to replace what was lost on November 22nd, 1963 when JFK was assassinated, with a perverse ideal of all the attributes that President Kennedy demonstrated as the leader of the free world. Yes, in his brief term as the President, he had captured and earned the respect of the entire world and it is time to repudiate MAGA Delusions that a caricature like Donald Trump is in any way, shape or form, able to fulfill the weighty obligations and responsibilities of a President.

Those who have fallen victim to the constant defamation and historical distortions that have conspired to create the obscene delusion that JFK was not a competent and worthy Commander-in-Chief have drunk the coolaide and ought to learn to study the work of actual historians to fully appreciate his value because it was his assassination and not September 11 attacks, which have clearly defined and will continue to define the very survival of humankind.

Indeed, the entire world owes its very survival to President John F. Kennedy's brief tenure, and anybody who understands the nuclear war he alone aborted during the Cuban Missile crisis, gets the point.

To further emphasize the reality that MAGA Activists will never understand, if their kind was in charge in 1962, the world would no longer exist and for that reason, they must be treated the way they are -terrorists who threaten the stability and the survival of the entire world.

MAGA makes a mockery of what is right and what is decent because it has no standards and no values and it is necessary to repeat that it has become absolutely nothing short of a terrorist organization. MAGA has challenged and continues to challenge everything that a functioning democracy values and represents, and the next election is consequently about electing somebody who observes the rule of law or somebody who the FBI has failed to arrest or disqualify because traitors to the values of their own country are never fit to hold any public office.

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